Therapeutic accompaniment through odours with

Taking care of yourself with your sense of smell


Our sense of smell is a true sensory channel that allows us to understand the world around us.

Its great particularity lies in its privileged and priority link with the non-conscious areas of our brain, which are the emotional, memory and reward areas. This direct link allows the odorous message to be processed before any identification phase.

It is on this fundamental physiological pillar that the personalised therapeutic accompaniment by odours is based.

Olfactory stimuli are used as keys to access information in order to provide answers to specific problems.

Because it has never been so important to take care of one's sense of smell, you should know that there are rehabilitation solutions for olfactory and taste disturbances after Covid:

For whom?

Personalized scent therapy is for anyone seeking balance and well-being.

No need to have a particularly good sense of smell: the personalised approach is adapted to each individual's abilities.

The OSTMR℠ method

Olfactory Stimulation Therapy & Memory Reconstruction (OSTMR℠)

is a therapeutic method using olfactory stimulation created by Dr. Olga Alexandre - neuropsychiatrist and biochemist. It is based on proven protocols developed with the primary aim of improving quality of life.

The olfactory stimuli arouse emotional and memory responses specific to the problems identified.

These stimuli are always used in diluted form and meet the relevant standards to ensure controlled use.

The OSTMR℠ method is based on 4 pillars:

  • neurology of the sense of smell
  • emotional psychology
  • individual experience of each person
  • therapeutic properties of odorants
Applications and Benefits:
  • rehabilitation of the sense of smell: (post-Covid, post-trauma, post-chemotherapy...): Management of the specificities of quantitative and qualitative dysosmia (smell disorders).
  • emotional regulation: (stress management, anxiety, sleep disorders, prevention...): Tame your feelings to (re)find balance and well-being.
  • memory disorders: (post-trauma, post-stroke, neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer, work on autobiographical memory): Reactivation of close emotional links with our memories.


How does a session work?

In the first instance, a preliminary telephone conversation allows us to see how to best support you according to your specific needs.

During the first session, a quick test of your sense of smell will be carried out in order to adapt the proposed smells as well as possible. Together we will set the objectives and discuss the course of the support envisaged (estimated number of sessions, frequency, etc.)

At each session I offer you a personalised and targeted therapeutic support combining guided olfactory stimulation and exploration of your feelings.

- online (with prior shipment of the stimuli)

- at home or at work (Haut-Rhin: 3 borders region)

1 hour approx.

comprehensive and personalised support

prices on request

by appointment only

possibility of sessions in English


Julie D. G.
Rehabilitation of the sense of smell after trauma
September 2021

"I lost my sense of smell two years ago after a brain haemorrhage. My neurologist told me that what was not recovered within a year was lost permanently. I stimulated my sense of smell on my own during that first year to achieve a 20% recovery.

When a year later I read an article about Sonia, I didn't hesitate to make an appointment. I had nothing to lose. What a surprise to see that what I had done alone was nothing like these sessions. From session to session I saw things falling into place. My sense of smell was still evolving!

I think I've got 50% of my sense of smell back and that's thanks to Sonia and her coaching.

post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Magali F.
Post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
January 2022
" I lost my sense of taste and smell in March 2020 as a result of Covid. Even though I remain a great optimist 18 months later these senses were still failing me...I tried rehabilitation with essential oils and it did not work. I heard about the ostmr method in the press and that's when I contacted Sonia in the summer of 2021. I wasn't sure what to expect...and yet from the very first session with Sonia I felt confident and wanted to achieve a result. Sonia explained the method to me in detail. I quickly understood that this was a second chance! During the first sessions I had a lot of trouble concentrating and remembering these lost scents...coming back to one's memories is sometimes complicated...Sonia was patient and listened to me and little by little I obtained encouraging results...citrus fruits...then fruits. Between each session I also practiced exercises at home. After more than ten sessions I was able to recognise the smells and taste good food again by naming the ingredients! Today the intensity is not the same as before Covid but I have regained my sense of taste and smell! A big thank you Sonia for this support which has borne fruit.
post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Régis S.
Post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
February 2022

" Back to the land of scents!

After a year of almost total anosmia due to Covid, I thought I would never find my nose, my memories and the security of smelling my direct environment. It took about ten sessions of work on positive sensations from the past with Sonia Pichon to rebuild my olfactory library. Memory is a key asset for a return to the land of scents! A useful journey towards serenity and happiness.

Relieve your pains with scents