post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Sandrine L.
Post-Covid rehabilitation of the sense of smell
November 2020

"Our 5 senses connect us to the outside world, to our past, present and future, they are at the controls of our emotional dashboard!
The loss of taste and smell have taken me on an inner journey of listening and looking at myself "loving myself"!
What meaning do I give to my life? and what are my dysfunctional patterns?
March 2020, following the Covid I am deprived of taste and smell, I experience it as a mourning through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance...
In November 2020, I am in the acceptance phase, I feel ready to start this journey of olfactory therapy.
Sonia was able to create the alliance, from the first session by her professional, pedagogical and benevolent capacities, by adopting a personalized accompaniment, olfactory supports and visualization towards an olfactory and gustatory (re)learning.
May 2021 to date I am on the road to recovery and I have given another meaning to my life ...

I recommend Sonia to all those who are looking for healing and wellness!
Thank you for this beautiful encounter... "

post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Anaïs R.
Post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
March 2021

" I lost my sense of smell in October and it took me almost two months to regain my senseof smell. It is important to know that wanting to be a flavourist, this situation has made me vulnerable throughout this school year. In January I got to know the OSTMR method through a classmate who was trying to help me. Being discouraged by my diminished abilities, I tried my luck and contacted Madame Pichon, whom I heard about on an Instagram live show where the sense of smell was mentioned. This method allowed me to find smells that had a problem and above all to regain confidence in my head and my brain. Because deprived of olfactory sensations my brain was no longer able to know if what I was smelling was a danger or not and therefore there were smells to which I was hypersensitive while others I still did not perceive. With this method we sort of put these smells back into place through memories and sometimes indescribable things happen.

post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Danielle G.
Post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
January 2022
"I caught Covid in September 2020. Loss of taste and smell. My doctor said don't worry it will come back. I was patient, tried methods but nothing helped. I was a victim of Covid long. In September 2021, I discovered Sonia, an olfactory therapy practitioner who taught me step by step how to reconnect my brain to different smells. After 5 sessions I started to smell and I rediscovered tastes. Thanks to Sonia, very professional, she knows how to adapt to the constraints of each person and especially the video interviews. A plus today.
post-Covid sense of smell rehabilitation
Magali F.
Rehabilitation of the sense of smell post-Covid
January 2022

" I lost my sense of taste and smell in March 2020 as a result of Covid. Even though I remain a great optimist 18 months later these senses were still failing me...I tried rehabilitation with essential oils and it did not work. I heard about the ostmr method in the press and that's when I contacted Sonia in the summer of 2021. I wasn't sure what to expect...and yet from the very first session with Sonia I felt confident and wanted to achieve a result. Sonia explained the method to me in detail. I quickly understood that this was a second chance! During the first sessions I had a lot of trouble concentrating and remembering these lost scents...coming back to one's memories is sometimes complicated...Sonia was patient and listened to me and little by little I obtained encouraging results...citrus fruits...then flowers...red fruits. Between each session I also practiced exercises at home. After more than ten sessions I was able to recognise the smells and taste good food again by naming the ingredients! Today the intensity is not the same as before Covid but I have regained my sense of taste and smell! A big thank you Sonia for this support which has borne fruit.